Early Stadium Advice

ARSA Controls wants to give advice in a early stadium. ARSA Controls does this with a reason. In the engineering stadium many costs can be saved. You can think about:

  • Unnecessery automationpart or double automationparts: In many cases double choises are made: An automation PC, Hmi, and a Logging PC. These can be combined in 1 PC.
  • Cost saving automation choises: By choosing hardware components which the software is already develloped by ARSA Controls many costs can be saved. Sometimes choosing a more expensive hardware component can be cheaper than a cheaper component. The software development hours costs are saved.
  • Change machine to use existing software: ARSA Control uses it’s experiance to help our customers think about changing their machine or proces. In this way software development hours can be saved.

Hardware Engineering

In the Hardware Engineering stadium ARSA Controls checks together with the customer which hardware components will be used for the machine or process. This for the best budget. If the hardware engineering is finished. It will be discussed with the customer if the hardware engineering is as required.

Software Engineering

In the software engineering stadium the operation of the machine or process is documented, in tekst as graphical. The textual part contains a description of each machine- or procespart. In the graphical part the operation of the machine is described step by step. This, so called machine or process sequence will be described as simple as possible. In this way the customer can understand how the machine or process is executed. In this way it is clear, before the software is written, what the machine will execute. In this way the software boundries are also defined. In some cases the harware engineering has to be adjusted if there are changes in the software engineering.

Control Cabinets

If the hardware engineering and software engineering is done the control cabinet can be build. The physical wiring of all components are build together. If the cabinet is ready then a basic I/O test is executed. This means that the internal wiring of he panel is tested. In this way can be checked if the control cabinet works as expected.

Software Programming

After the software engineering is done and approved by the customer the software programming is executed. The software which will be programmed will be known by the customer. If there are any unforseen problems in the software programming ARSA Controls will contact the customer and in this some cases the software engineering has to be changed.

Software Testing

Before testing the physical machine it is the ambition to test all software in a test enviroment together with the customer. This testenviroment uses as much physical components which are available. The software will be simulateted as good as possible and discussed if the software works like it supposed to do, according to the customer and the in software engineering described software. In this way we try to avoid as many programming bugs as possible before testing on the physical machine. If some features are not as whished then the software engineering has to be adjusted.


In commisioning state the entire machine will be tested. This test will Always be done in a specific order.

  • I/O test
  • Machine parts tests
  • Full machine test

I/O test

First the hardware Inputs and Outputs (I/O test) have to be tested. If every sensor and actuator are working correctly a start is made with the machine parts test

Machine parts tests

In the software engineering the machine will, most certainly, be described in differen parts. Each part will be tested individually. If every machine part works correctly a start can be made with the entire machine test.

Full Machine/Process test.

A full machine test will be done. Often there are connection between the machine parts. In this part off the test all parts will be checked if they work together.


If the machine works properly all changes which are made while commisioning will be added or changed in the Engineering documents. We trying to do this as less as possible. Theorically there shouldn’t be any changes but in real life there is Always something that doesn’t work as planned, If neccearry the HW Engineering, the software Engineering and the software will be changed and archived.

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