Machine Cloud Logging

ARSA Controls has developed a powerfull cloud logging platform to watch your machine 24/7 and all over the world. You can check production data, analyse the number of products made by your machine and in this way you can buy new materials, check running hours of your machine, check which operators runs the best shift etc etc. The opportunities are endless!

What does make it this unique?

The ARSA Controls is unique because:

  • Datalinks with different brands of PLC’s
  • No expensive licence costs.
  • Plug and play: No complex network settings. Only a internet connection is nesecerry
  • Data analytics: In all possible platforms like Desktop en Mobile Apps
  • Redundant connection possibilities
  • Local data storrage: No loss of logged data if there isn’t a internet connection.

Datalinks with different brands of PLC’s

ARSA Controls can connect different brands of plc’s to the cloud logging platform. Together with the customer can be decided which possibilities there are for your PLC. ARSA Controls can research if you can use your plc brand with the cloud logging platform. In sommige gevallen is een software aanpassing van uw huidige machine niet eens nodig. It is desireble to have the PLC source code available to determine which data has to be logged. If the source code isn’t available the plc data can be examined by reverse engineering.

If you are interested if your PLC is compatible with the ARSA Controls logging platform you can contact us!

No expensive licence costs

ARSA Controls has developed a cloud logging platform which isn’t bound to expensive licence costs. The normal logging software is getting more expensive if the number of logging tags do expand. Besides this most systems only can log locally. This means that your machine data isn’t available all over the world, 24/7.

Plug and Play

The cloud logging system, developed by ARSA controls doesn’t need any complex network configuration to log data to the cloud. No firewall iddues, port configurations and problems with the ICT department. A secure and encrypted connection is made to send messages to the cloud server. The system can is configurated to Ensure the safety of your system and machine.

Data Analytics

ARSA Controls can develop a desktop or mobile app to your needs which can analyse your machine data. The data can be analysed in different ways:

  • Visual in a App
  • Exportable as a spreadsheet (Excel, CSV)
  • Datalinks to a existing database. (For example the purchase department)

Redundant connections

ARSA Controls can offer a cloud logging platform with redundant connection. This means there are severla online locations where the system can write its data to. If one of the webservers isn’t available the data can be stored on a second or third server. You know for sure no data will be lost.

Local data buffering

Besides the rudundant cloud posibilities, it is posible that your own internet connection doesn’t work. The ARSA Controls cloud logging application stores the data locally before the data is transferred to the cloud. Only if the data is succesfully stored it can be removed from the local system. By using this technique you know for sure no data is lost

If you have any questons feel free to contact us!

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